Cellular Know How

Cellular Active IRISA® is the product of years of research and development with a team of worldwide recognized Cellular Researchers. Cellular Active IRISA® is obtained in an exclusive and unrivalled method from the root of the Iris Germanica.

In the first step of our unique process the complete and intact root cells are isolated. They are then submitted to a micronization to ensure the assimilation of their principal active ingredients into the skin.

The following steps of this distinctive technique allow stabilizing them and subsequently securing and preserving Cellular Active IRISA®. Finally Cellular Active IRISA® is integrated in an active condition into the Swiss Perfection cosmetics.

Cellular Active IRISA®, high in enzymes and proteins, accelerates the regeneration of skin cells, increases the oxygenation of the pores, provides optimal hydration for the skin, improves the metabolism of the dermis & epidermis and its unique anti-aging qualities rejuvenate the skin visibly.

"Cellular Active IRISA® constitutes the undiluted essence of cell vitality."